A tantra massage is a wonderful tool to tenderly approach or widen your lived or even unlived sexuality. The aim is to harmonise your entire body, including your penis/your vagina by passively receiving very sensual touch.

Depending on how open you are for a change in your sexuality, the centre of attention of this very intense full body massage can be relaxation, ecstasy, or new experiences in your personal realm of perception.

Sexuality to me is sacred, and sexual energy is pure life energy. If you use it right, this energy can deeply enrich your life.

If you would like to increase your sexual sensations I also offer Tantra Massages as a Hands-On-Training. In my experience the learning effect is much greater if you learn something new through your own conscious experience, rather than through cognitive detection. Thereby awareness and experience, widening limits and discovery and solving blockades are in the centre of attention.

In our preliminary talk we will both work out where your focus lies and which techniques will work best for you.

180 min for 220 €