Katja Wolf

Katja Wolf

Every person has the potential to live life lovingly by following their desires and dreams, and offering their gifts to the world. To recognize your potential and to help you retrieving it, is my calling.

I have worked with people and their bodies for my whole life. Starting with what is called the classic medical approach, my path led me further to different approaches of healing.


Today it is my belief and experience that everything is connected. Emotional blockades can be solved by direct physical experience, as well as blockades on a physical level by letting go of obsolete principles in your thinking. And you can solve a blockade in your thinking by altering your flow of subtle energy.

Most exciting: We are all unique, and so is each healing path.

I gathered my techniques in different areas, like

  • Classic coaching;
  • Conventional and alternative medicine;
  • Belief systems, such as Shamanism, Buddhism, the Tantric Way;
  • Various techniques for massage and touch;

I keep refining my skills because me too, I will never have finished learning in this beautiful world – Thank God!

I am pleased to meet you and your treasures!

With love,